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  • 1. OEM Design & Manufacturing services
  • 2. Hardware Design Services
  • 3. Software Design Services
  • 4. Manufacturing Services

1. OEM Design & Manufacturing services

We address end to end of your Electronic product life cycle

STEM specializes in design and manufacture of processor based solutions for the industrial automation, Vehicle Tracking, Digital Audio Video systems. Our OEM services cover the complete spectrum of the product life cycle from concept to design through manufacturing and after-market RMA services.
Our engineering expertise encompasses RTOS porting, ANDROID, WINDOWS, IOS, LINUX Operating system driver development, complex PCB design, thermal management, enclosure ID development, and value engineering.
We provide an end to end turnkey solution for companies seeking full product development services from a single source.
Our capabilities cover the complete life of a product from concept to design through manufacturing and life cycle management.

Expertise across multiple domains

STEM has over 28 years of systems integration experience across multiple domains that include automotive, control and automation, medical, transportation and energy.


STEM�s expertise and experience across a wide range engineering disciplines enable us to innovatively solve complex systems challenges.

Off-shelf solutions

STEM SOMs complement our system integration services by providing a production-ready hardware and software solution for accelerated time to market.

STEM offering

System Engineering: We offer a complete set of software development services from BSP and device drivers up through the application and GUI user experience levels. We are a full solution provider for the implementation of Linux, Android, IOS and Windows, Customized RTOS in embedded systems.
Software Engineering: STEM offers a complete set of software development services from BSP and device drivers up through the application and GUI user experience levels. We are a full solution provider for the implementation of Linux, Android, IOS and Windows, Customized RTOS in embedded systems.
PCB Hardware Design: We have a group of experienced PCB engineers and designers with strong expertise in advanced 32-bit microprocessor design and experience of over 2000+ PCB assembly designs.
Mechanical Design: We do the industrial DESIGN 3d modeling to RPD. We integrate the ELECTRONICS PCB assembly into the enclosure and give a full solution as a ready to manufacture product.
Manufacturing: We do small volume, medium volume and high volume Manufacture of the PCB sub assemblies, BOX build into enclosure and deliver the product fully tested.
Quality Assurance:Our uncompromising build quality is highly qualified for ambitious projects. STEM adheres to exacting quality standards to meet the requirements of customers for complex product development.

Our quality assurance processes can be tailored to the specific requirements of each customer.

2. Hardware Design Services

Schematic Design and Layout Design Services

Over 28 years experience and over 2000 PCB assembly designs.

STEM offers cost-effective embedded hardware development solutions for customers requiring high-reliability coupled with aggressive timelines.
STEM has strong expertise in 32-bit microprocessor design and routing constraints with high-speed buses and complex network interfaces. With a full staff of PCB engineers and designers, over two decades of experience and 1,000+ PCB assembly designs, we are fully equipped to meet your requirements.

Our Expertise

Microprocessor Architectures:

� Power PC, x86, ColdFire, ARM7, ARM9, ARM11, ARM Cortex-M4, ARM Cortex-A5, ARM Cortex-A8, ARM

Cortex-A9, Cortex-A15, XScale, PowerPC

� Cost effective ATMEL AVR, PIC and 8031 8 bit low speed processor
� Touch screen, Ethernet, wireless, GSM/GPRS 3g/4g Modules, GPS Modules

PCB Schematic Design:

� PCB Layout Design

� Low EMI design

� Power management

� Junction temperature sensing and thermal management


� Connectivity: USB, Ethernet, CAN, Bluetooth, WiFi, PCIe

� GSM/GPRS Telematics

� Serial: UART, SPI, I2C

� Multimedia: Audio, Video, Camera

� Storage: SSD, SATA, Flash, SDRAM, SD/MMC

� UI: LCD, LVDS, HDMI, DVI, Keypad

� GPIO, A/D, D/A, and analog

Design for Manufacturability:

� Design for high volume

� Low cost design

� Production Test: electrical, functional, boundary scan

� Bed of nails design


� Mixed speed and signal technology

� High-speed digital and analog

� Low EMI/RFI design

� �BGA, fine pitch, microVia PCB technology

� High-density, multi-layer (12+), small form factor PCB

� Signal Integrity & EMI Control

3. Software Services

The software development order is quite simple

� You let us know what you want

� We help you with the definition of the project requirements

� We sign NDA and CSA

� We execute the software development for you with regular reports and conference meetings to deliver a

product on time and within budget.

� All of our development projects get thoroughly tested on the embedded hardware

� We also offer software support and maintenance services and return management services for products

STEM Design Services leverage our special combination of skills, knowledge, products, flexible resources, design process, and project management to help you achieve the success for your product. If your concept product is challenged by product specification, board bring-up, software component integration, project management, or full product realization, or simply doesn�t have the resources for all of these activities, we offer expertise to help you reach production on time and on budget.

Using an embedded software specialist to work on supporting components of your embedded system can shorten your development cycle, reduce risk, and reduce costs. Our Embedded Software Consultants can help you integrate the low level elements of your embedded platform allowing your engineering team to focus on key application features.

We offer Embedded Software Services such as:

� Board Support Package (BSP) Development

� Device Driver Development

� Boot Loader Development

� Communication Protocol Development

� Embedded Systems Integration

� Custom Development Work

� Product Cost Reduction Services

� Installation and Quick Start Programs

� Performance Optimization Services

� 3rd Party Software Integration Services

� New Architecture Support

� Product and Platform Customization

� Testing and Quality Assurance Services

Interested in a quote for embedded software design services? Contact us today.


Sometimes customers need more than software products to bring a embedded device to market. They may also need additional software skills, experience, and staff to turn ideas into reality. STEM can help you bring your product to market in a timely and cost-effective way. We have highly experienced embedded software engineers to help you build the best embedded devices. STEM can work directly with your own engineering team to ensure your product is delivered on time, on spec and on budget.

Our customers recognize that parts of their projects, such has hardware integration, board support packages and drivers are better left to a talented team of trusted embedded software engineers while they focus on the features specific to the success of the products.


Often, engineering teams are overloaded with Production work, dealing with changing requirements and subject to inflexible product delivery schedules. STEM Design Services team can supplement your engineering resources to help achieve these seemingly impossible goals.

We have the skills, tools and technology to take on part of your project that is a bottleneck of your schedule or for which you have no resources to assign. Alternatively, STEM can take an entire product from concept to the marketplace. In either case, STEM can help you deliver a best-in-class product on time and within budget.


Embedded devices involve software that is closely integrated with hardware. Developing a Board Support Package (BSP) requires you to understand the hardware features of the chip and board, the data flow, interrupt and memory maps, and, in most cases, the microprocessor registers and bit setting. A completed BSP will initialize the hardware and provides function calls that enable higher layers of software to communicate with low-level system drivers. Problems with device drivers and the BSP can impact the functionality and performance of the entire device.

The board support package experts at STEM can help you create a solid software foundation for your application. We are experts in writing BSPs for ARM, ColdFire and Power Architecture platforms.

Platform And Product Customization

STEM can port Android, Linux, RTOS, Windows and create software platforms to accelerate embedded device development projects by providing pre-integrated technology. However, if customers need to go beyond the software infrastructure that is provided by integrating third party software, their own legacy software, add additional features of extensions then STEM can help with this as well. We customize the embedded software platforms to help you build your product.
Our platforms provide pre-integrated technology of ANDROID, LINUX, WINDOWS.

STEM Product Services Layers

Our Vertical Expertise:

� Vehicle Tracking Solution

� Industrial Wireless

� Consumer Electronics

� Multimedia Systems


� Industrial and Medical Handheld Device Design

� Energy Saving Devices for power control

Technologies and Platforms


Development Tools


Rtos & Gui


4. Manufacturing Services

Bringing designs to life

STEM has a low volume proto manufacturing to high volume production capabilities.

Our manufacturing equipment, process, cost model, components procurement system enables us to cost-effectively and flexibly manage high-mix, low-to-medium volume (HMLV) manufacturing. This HMLV approach best supports our wide product palette, as well as best meets the delivery demands, quality requirements and customization needs of our diverse customer base.

Personnel are specifically trained for SMD, through-hole, inspection and test functions of our production process.

STEM is committed to consistently high quality assurance for all production runs, whether small production batches numbering in the dozens to volume output of thousands of units.